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Weight Watchers – Pro Points for alcohol

30 Comments 28 March 2011

propoints in alcohol

Since my original Weight Watchers ProPoints post there has been loads of comments with questions about alcohol so above is from the Weight Watchers ProPoints Eating Out Guide.

Turns out a pint of Guinness would be 6 points!

ProPoints in Spirits

I’m not a big drinker and since starting WW last July I can probably count the number of times I’ve had alcohol on one hand. Turns out not only do I prefer to spend my hard earned cash on make up & clothes, I also don’t like to spend my daily or weekly ProPoints on alcohol either!

I hope this is helpful. As I bought the Eating Out Guide out guide recently let me know if theres anything you would like me to look up for you & I’ll do my best!


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  1. Mandy says:

    I joined WW last week…my friend gave me a loan of her Eating Out Guide at the weekend, its very English restuarant orientated i thought!!! I would prefer the Shopping Guide…..she also gave me the Scrumptious cook book, its fab, some lovely recipes….my first week is going ok, you don’t find your points being used though….

  2. DeeFu says:

    hey lee any chance you have the points for spirits??

  3. Lee says:

    @Mandy Definitely very English based. I have the Shopping Guide too & I find the same. My advice would be to make sure you use all your daily allowance, under eating won’t help you loose weight. Good luck for your first weigh in! xx

    @DeeFu Doh Lee! I meant to add another image with Spirits & Wine etc… two ticks!

  4. me says:

    Yeah, I didn’t bother with the guides because they are so British based. It is worth bearing in mind that Irish measures are slightly larger than UK ones and our mixers are smaller too. A spirit here is 35.5mls and an average mixer is 113mls. A glass of wine is usually 100mls or 187.5mls if you’re drinking the quarter bottles. Its not much but it adds up to more than 2 points in the difference over a night.

  5. Kay says:

    Hi Lee,

    Love reading your blog and especially your WW posts. On the WW propoints as well 10 wks in and so far so good. 13lb down so far and another 28-35 to go depending on how I feel & look when I get the 28 off but one silver seven at a time!

    As regards spirits and Irish pub measure of spirits is 35ml as me stated and that works out as 3pp per shot (vodka, brandy, gin, rum, whiskey) (the UK ones are 25ml I think)

    Barcardi Breezer and the like are 4PP per bottle and so too are Bulmers Light and Coors Light. Heineken & Miller are 5pp per 330ml bottle

    Baileys is 6pp for 50ml.

    250ml Red Wine, Rose or Dry White wine 6 PP whereas Medium White is 7pp for the same amount

    We were given guidance by our leader because of the level of queries WW HQ were getting, you can’t work out the pp on the NI info on alcohol yourself because not enough info is given something about Sugar alcohols.

    She also stated that Coors Light is not a ‘light’ beer and therefore not 1pp per bottle because it’s not a low alcohol beer its a full alcohol beer but low sugar or something.

    Hope that helps! :)

  6. Mandy says:

    Of course by Scrumptious cook book I actually meant Simply Satisfying Weight Watchers cook book!!!! silly me….but everything does look scrumptious in it!! :)

  7. Skinny Doll says:

    Here’s some that might help.. think I might need a different kinda meeting!

    On the tiles…
    Bacardi Breezer per bottle = 4pp
    Baileys per 50ml = 6pp
    Bulmers Light per 330ml bottle = 4pp
    Champagne 750ml = 20 pp
    Coors light per bottle = 4pp
    Cider sweet per pint = 8pp
    Cider dry per pint = 7pp
    Guinness per pint = 6 pp
    Heineken per 330ml bottle = 5 pp
    Kopperburg cider per bottle = 8 pp
    Lager per pint = 6 pp
    Lager per bottle (330ml) = 3 pp
    Lager Low alcohol per bottle = 1pp
    Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 330ml bottle = 4 pp
    Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 500ml can = 6 pp
    Miller per 330ml bottle = 5pp
    Port per 50ml = 3pp
    Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 35ml (Irish pub measure) = 3pp
    Sherry per 50ml = 2pp
    Schnappes per 35ml = 4pp
    WeightWatchers wine per 125ml = 3 pp
    West Coast Cooler 250ml = 5 pp
    West Coast Cooler 750ml = 14 pp

    WINE – per 750ml
    Red wine = 19 pp
    White wine dry = 18 pp
    Rose = 19 pp
    White medium = 20 pp
    White sparkling = 19 pp
    White sweet = 25 pp

    Bloody Mary = 4 pp
    Sex on the Beach = 8 pp
    Strawberry Daiquiri = 4 pp
    Pina Colada = 6 pp
    Cosmo = 6 pp
    Vodka Tonic = 3 pp
    Manhattan = 8 pp
    Screwdriver = 5 pp
    Frozen Mudslide = 11 pp
    G&T = 4 pp
    Jack & coke = 4 pp
    Mai Tai = 10 pp
    Rum & coke = 4 pp
    Mojito = 6 pp
    Martini = 6 pp
    White Russian = 7 pp
    Bloody Mary = 4 pp
    Margarita = 6 pp
    Frozen Daiquiri = 4 pp
    Long Island Ice Tea = 7 pp

  8. Deefu says:

    Hey guys i see that lager is only 3 pp a bottle, so can anyone tell me what brand is a lager and what is a beer, sorry real bimbo question but what is the difference

  9. Liam says:

    Deefu – ‘Beer’ often relates to Ale and Bitters, for example Fullers London Pride or Newcastle Brown Ale etc. A ‘lager’ is the one you are most familiar with: Becks, Peroni, Kronenbourg, Carlsberg, Carling etc.

    Also everyone, worth watching out for small mistakes in the ‘Shopping Guide’ and ‘Eating out Guide’… Our purple pocket guides give one bottle of lager a value of 3pp, yet the eating out guide says 4pp. Check values with your leader if unsure!!

    Liam x

  10. Deefu says:

    Thanks liam

  11. Geraldine Capes says:

    Can anybody tell me how many propoints in carling 99 calorie beer?

  12. James says:

    Thank God for this! You just saved my life!
    There is nothing in the books I received here in the U.S.A. on anything other than the swill most people over here think is beer. Thank you, Thank you!

  13. Lee says:

    @James glad we could help :) great to know I have some readers across the pond too, let us know how u get on, xx

  14. ruth says:

    can anyone tell the propoints value for bud light thanks

  15. Adem says:

    Thanks for this. Going to a party at the weekend and needed to know what I could drink :)

  16. linda says:

    Ya is a bottle of bud lite 1pp

  17. Anna says:

    This has been very helpful! Thank you! Have been searching for the points in Brandy everywhere. :-)

  18. michaela says:

    How many points in a bottle of thatchers green goblin cider x

  19. eileen says:

    what a brillant site, well done you look amazing, helps me to keep going your website, thanks

  20. Martina says:

    I m getting myself ready to go back to ww and have beeen reading ur blog and find i can understand the pp now because a lot of people have been saying they cant follow it, i will keep followin and hope to get to my goal again…

  21. Lisa says:

    I checked the nutritional value of vodka and there is 0g of protein carbs fat and fibre in it. So why is it 2/3 pro points?

  22. Woodys bird says:

    Anyone no what a can of Budweiser is?????

  23. Lisa Jackson says:

    I’ve just come back from a cruise,while on board I was drinking Bud Light.On the bottle they had the nutritional values listed..AS follows..per 12 fl oz..carbs 6.6g
    protein .9
    fat 0.0…that makes a pro point value of 1 point….110 calories

  24. Lisa says:

    Does anyone know the points for a 330 bottle of Corona light? we have been asking our leader to check the points for ages and she says she will but never does! There is less alcohol in it than coors or bud as far as I know- 3.9% i think.

    Would appreciate the help!

    Also, is bud light really only 1 pro point? Our leader told us its 3!

  25. Lee says:

    @Lisa seems to be some conflicting information online, some say 4 ProPoints & some say 3

  26. Lisa Jackson says:

    I’ve a bottle of Corona Light here.For a 335ml bottle Protein 0.8g
    carbs 5.0g
    Fat 0.0g So that information keyed into my weightwatcher calculator gives a propoint value of 1..
    And I’ve given the values that I got from a bottle of Bud lite that also gives a propoint value of 1.I’ve been going along with that and I’m maintaining my goal weight.

  27. Doesn’t work out on the calculator because alcohol is 7 calories a gram and not included. It’s not rocket science. Work out the calories and you’ll have your points value. Roughly 40 cals per point and round up. If it has 100 cals then it will be 3 points. Shots of vodka etc have 50 cals so 2 points!

  28. Lee says:

    @ Sharon boyden – it’s definitely 4 ProPoints per measure of spirits, I’m not sure how but that’s what my leader says

  29. Depends on the size of the shot and what it is. I’m quoting for 25ml shots of tequila, vodka, whiskey. Anything syrupy or sweet will be extra and cream shots even worse. Things like sambuca will be 3 or 4. Good luck!

  30. Diane says:

    hi great info on here can anyone pls tell me how many pro points a barefoot radler is ?? luv these but scared to have more than 1..QQ

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